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Tie made from hand-made fabric

Nov 20 is a leading supplier of high-quality, handmade fabric ties. Fabric ties are a great accessory to any man's wardrobe. We offer custom-made, handcrafted fabric ties in many styles and colors. Our products are made with high-quality Ghanaian fabric. Your tie will last for a lifetime. These ties can be worn to show your fashion taste or as fashion accessories.

Ties to Ghana has a wide selection of Fabric Ties at extremely affordable prices. Fabric ties are made with top-quality fabric from Ghana. Fabric ties are handcrafted by skilled seamstresses with years of sewing experience. You can customize them to meet your style requirements. We have everything you need to order Fabric Ties or custom-tailored African clothing.


You can find hand-made African ties and baskets, as well as skirts, dresses, and skirts. All handmade by Ghanaian community members. If you're looking for something special, Tie to Ghana is your place. These ties are beautiful pieces of art that are a part of Africa's past through their use of color and pattern. Every product is made of 100% cotton fabric ties. Brittney and Nicolas are co-founders at Ties to Ghana. They are both thoughtful entrepreneurs who love Africa's beauty and culture. We're always looking for ways to make customers feel more connected with their fashion tastes by offering fabric ties and dresses.

What makes our fabric tie so special?

Fabric ties are a great way to express your fashion senses. Fabric ties are a great addition to any man's wardrobe. Fabric ties can be custom-made in a range of colors and styles.

Fabric ties can be strong and come in many colors. Fabric ties can be used for business, school or church as well as casual wear. Everyone should have at least one tie.

Fabric ties can be customized to any color, pattern or design that you want. Fabric ties can add style and flair in your outfit.