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Common Garage Door Repair Problems

Dec 5

Let's discuss the most common issues about garage doors with

  • Broken Springs:

Garage door springs can only be opened and closed a limited number of times. If you are at home, you will notice when the springs break.

Garage doors explode like fireworks when they spring up. It is dangerous to open or close garage doors at this stage.

Do not attempt to open your garage door if the spring is broken. For garage door repairs, call now.

  • Cables

Sometimes cables can break due to wear or failure of springs. If a cable breaks, it can appear that one side of a door is "sagging."

The door may be slightly slanted to one side, and lower to the other side when it opens. The door may not stay in its original position if all cables have been damaged. The door will then fall to the ground as soon as it's lifted up. This is a dangerous safety hazard.

  • Rollers should turn and spin:

The rollers on the doors' sides must turn and spin. If the rollers at the doors' sides get stuck, it could cause the door to fall off its rails.

It is best to leave the door in its original position if it has fallen from the rails. If the door is not stable, it's best to leave it in place.

  • Reopens Doors

The garage door opener may need to be adjusted in order to fix this problem. The garage door limit settings regulate the open and close functions.

Limit settings allow the door to limit how far it can move before it can close or open fully. You can disable these settings so that the sensors interpret hitting the ground with something. The door will then open again.

If something is directly in front of the sensors, this can be an issue. You will find the sensors on either the side of the garage or on the interior wall near the bottom of each door. They will detect anything in the way of the sensors and allow the door to open.

  • The Door Opener Is Running, but the Door Doesn’t Move:

By opening and closing your door, you can verify that the disconnect cord has not been pulled. If you're able, reconnect the door to your automatic opener lift arm.