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Five things that every good Lawn Care Service Should Include

Dec 26

Your lawn is getting ready for winterand autumn is coming! We'd like to talk about the steps you can take to sure that your lawn is prepared for winter. Here are 5 things that every lawn care program should include.


One of the most important timings to fertilize your lawn is during the spring. It is essential to select an all-season item that will provide nutrition for your lawn after being covered with snow for months. The next is in the autumn when your lawn is building up its nutrients in preparation for winter.

A high-quality fertilizer can boost your lawn's growth as well as boost its intake of nutrients. It will also aid in helping your lawn recover from any stressors. No matter what the weather, fertilizer is there to help your lawn succeed.

Weed Control

There are numerous kinds of weeds that are a nuisance on lawns. A combination of hand-picking root and natural, odorless spot treatments can provide the greatest protection. It is important to determine the kind of weeds that could be invading your lawn. Here is a breakdown of some of the most frequent lawn weeds that are used by georgetown landscaping companies:

Crabgrass is usually the most popular and stubborn since you must have a well-watered and well-groomed lawn to eliminate these weeds.Dandelions can be controlled by Fiesta or by hand; like thistles, they might require a two-tone method to eradicate. The stubborn clover may need multiple treatments after it has bloomed.

Protection Against Surface Insects

Your lawn may be suffering from infestations of pests if it has brown patches, spongy patches, or slows down in growth. Pests that cause problems should be dealt with promptly. Use our guide for best practices!

There are a variety of pests but the most common are the grubs. Grubs are the white/yellow and c-shaped larvae of June Beetles, European chafers, and Japanese beetles.


Aerating your lawn will help reduce thatch, increase the uptake of nutrients and moisture, and ultimately improve the ability of your lawn to endure environmental stresses. The ability to let your lawn rejuvenate after a summer of long duration is vital and aeration has many benefits because it allows your lawn to get the air, water and nutrients that it needs to replenish.

Compost/Seed App

Compost improves your soil quality, allowing your grass to take in and retain moisture as well as nutrients at a much healthier rate. Our unique mix contains grass seed and granular compost. It also serves as an overseeder.

You need to alter your lawn's condition to ensure an aesthetically healthy lawn. It is possible to revive your lawn using treatments that are not required for a lawn that is healthy. Be aware of the changing seasons when it comes to treating your lawn.

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