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How to Clean a Vacation Rental?

Jun 3

How Do you Wash a Holiday Home?   

Many people prefer to rent vacation homes while traveling. A growing number of people are renting these properties because it is cheaper than staying in a hotel, and there's always enough space for everyone in the family. But, you do not expect to get to your rental home and find it in need of some attention before you are able to stay there! Here we will give some suggestions for cleaning your rental property for vacation so that you don't have the smell of dirt waiting for you.


How Can You Prevent Dirt and Smells from your Vacation Rental?

Many people like renting holiday homes to travel. They are less expensive than hotels and have ample space for everyone. But, you don't expect to arrive at your property rental and discover that it needs a good cleaning before you are able to stay!

We will provide suggestions for cleaning your vacation rental property so that you don't get any smells or dirt waiting for you. To keep your vacation home neat throughout your stay ensure you follow these simple guidelines:    

- Avoid carpets that are dirty.    

- Clean up any mess when they occur.  

- Make sure to clean floors regularly.   

- Keep kitchens clear of dishes that are dirty.    

- Use a vacuum cleaner whenever you can.    

- Use dryer sheets to ensure that your home is left smelling fresh.   

- Wipe down counters and tables frequently.   

- Clean up food waste and clean between the guests' stay.

Before you leave, wash surfaces prior to your arrival.

The process of disinfecting surfaces is one of the most important steps. This will make it easier to clean, and stop odors, dirt, and grime from becoming a problem over time. It will also help to clean fans and storage areas. Before you bring in personal items, vacuum all carpets. This will eliminate smells. Clean all bathroom appliances and kitchen appliances so that your guests are at ease.   


The floors are often filthy due to their exposure to traffic, especially in kitchens that have tiles or stone flooring. Sweep the floors every day to remove dirt. It's helpful by using a vacuum cleaner or mop. Also, you should clean them. If the floor is dirty it can be difficult to keep your property neat and tidy.   

Cleaning Windows    

Cleaning your windows is vital as it lets your tenants be able to see the beauty of the property they're staying in. Regular cleaning of windows can help improve ventilation and lighting in rooms. After rain or dew has blown through the windows, dry them thoroughly. It is possible to use vinegar and water solution to wipe them down and then dry them using gentle cloths, such as old T-shirts or microfiber rags.


It is only necessary to clean any fingerprints or smudges off walls that are properly cleaned. You can use a wet cloth for this however, it is important not to leave water puddles on surfaces because they might be damaged by moisture and staining that is difficult to get rid of. These techniques can be used with any flooring material, so make sure you remember to use them when moving from one area to another in your rental.


Tips for Keeping Your Holiday Rental Clean and Fresh.

Bring your cleaning equipment: Vacation rentals should be cleaned at least once a week and more often in peak seasons in the event of a high number of guests. That means that whenever it's possible, all rental management and owners should make use of professional cleaners in their area who can come to them weekly or even daily depending on the demand for particular properties and seasons. To avoid odors and dirt from creating problems for guests who will be coming back, it's important to wash thoroughly after each check-out, prior to the arrival of new guests. arrive, especially when they'll stay for more than a single night.

Be sure to get the proper equipment: The task of keeping your vacation home clean between tenants is easy when you are under an ongoing cleaning contract with either a professional cleaning firm or one with expertise with multiple properties. is a reputable and well-reviewed website that allows prospective customers to read reviews of previous tenants and have confidence in your abilities to complete their job properly.

Cleanse cobwebs: The most common characteristic of many cleaning products is the strong chemical smell. This could leave a scent that lingers on bedding, clothing, and upholstery. It is crucial to study the labels of any cleaning products you use to ensure that they are safe and safe for your family members, particularly when there are children.   

Avoid harsh chemical substances: There are various ways that are chemical-free to make your house smell good for tenants. To neutralize any smells that may originate from baking in the oven, vinegar baking soda, baking soda, or even cat litter are the ideal and most effective options. Charcoal activated is another option to reduce unpleasant odors after cleaning the pet.

Use natural cleaners: Natural cleaners are an excellent option to keep your home clean during the peak season, and also ensure a clean and tidy place for guests to have a great holiday. The best way to do this is by mixing one cup of white vinegar with one gallon of hot water, and then including essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, and citrus for scent, especially when you're worried about the possibility of guests suffering from allergies staying in your holiday home.

Use a vacuum cleaner: Vacuum cleaners are a vital piece of equipment in your arsenal when it comes to swiftly and effortlessly clean dirt off all kinds of surfaces in your room. There are a variety of vacuum cleaners. It isn't easy to move upright models when standing, especially if you have multiple floors.  

Keep your home smell fresh: Dryer sheets may be put in closets or drawers in order to keep them dry. However, this doesn't remove unpleasant smells such as the urine of pets which may remain after cleaning. You can also use vinegar and baking soda to scrub the area in which your pets sleep. The smell will go away in the morning!

Make sure your pantry is well-stocked: Finally if there are pets inside your property, it's essential to ensure that the food bowls are filled with freshwater between guests so that there aren't lingering odors from the feces of your pet or cat, or hair left behind when new guests check in the following week. You should also take care to clean your pet's toys on a regular basis and ensure that they are off the ground. This is particularly true for children underfoot who may try and play with these toys as playground equipment while out on vacation with their parents!

Hire a professional cleaner like NW Maids: You can also engage professionals who are aware of the importance of cleanliness in vacation homes. They are equipped with all the necessary equipment to ensure that every inch of your space is spotless and ready for visitors for their next trip. These suggestions can be useful to future renters. However, hiring someone else to clean the space can allow you to spend more time on other important things.


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