Missouri’s triple educational reform: New bills on financial Literacy, bullying prevention, and teacher pay increase


Missouri – The Missouri House Committee on Elementary and Secondary Education has taken significant steps to enhance educational policies, including the approval of a bill mandating personal financial management education for all high school students, and the introduction of measures to combat bullying and improve teacher salaries.

Financial Literacy in Schools

A notable development is the approval of the bill, sponsored by St. Louis Republican Rep. Michael O’Donnell, aimed at equipping students with essential personal financial management skills. This initiative mandates the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to form a work group to develop academic standards for a compulsory half-credit course. This course, designed to foster financial literacy, will become a graduation requirement for high school students, with the new standards to be implemented in the following school year. The work group will include educators and a representative from the Missouri Association of Career and Technical Education, ensuring a comprehensive approach to curriculum development.

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Combating Bullying with the “Missouri Childhood Hero Act”

The “Missouri Childhood Hero Act,” which requires school districts to develop an anti-bullying policy with specific guidelines, is another crucial measure that the committee approved. A pivotal aspect of this policy is the prohibition of zero-tolerance disciplinary measures against victims of bullying or those defending them. The bill emphasizes empowering bullying victims through various strategies aimed at bolstering self-worth, developing assertiveness, enhancing social skills, and teaching non-confrontational conflict avoidance techniques. Additionally, it provides legal protection for school employees and volunteers who intervene in bullying situations, provided they act in good faith and adhere to established procedures.

Increasing Teacher Compensation

The committee also reviewed proposals, HB 1447 and HB 1431, focused on increasing the minimum salary for school teachers and implementing measures to attract and retain educators. Despite a statutory minimum starting salary of $25,000, state funding programs currently enable districts to offer a minimum of $38,000. These new bills seek to formalize this increased minimum salary and adjust compensation based on the cost of living or inflation, addressing Missouri’s longstanding issues with teacher pay and per-student funding.

These legislative efforts represent a multifaceted approach to improving Missouri’s educational landscape, emphasizing the importance of financial literacy, creating a supportive environment for bullying victims, and ensuring competitive compensation for educators.

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