National trend of rising gas prices mirrored in Missouri, average gas prices in Kansas City at $2.77


Kansas City, Missouri – The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas in Missouri has increased to $2.88. This marks an eight-cent increase from last week, indicating a noticeable uptick in gas costs for the state’s drivers. The fluctuation in gas prices is part of a broader national trend, with the average price across the United States reaching $3.28 per gallon, up by 13 cents from the previous week.

Missouri stands out in this context, boasting the 5th lowest gas price average in the country, despite the recent increases. The disparity in gas prices within the state is also noteworthy. In a survey of major metropolitan areas, St. Louis drivers are currently paying the highest average price at $2.97 per gallon. Conversely, St. Joseph offers the lowest average price at $2.78 per gallon, providing some relief to motorists in that area.

Kansas City, in particular, saw an average price of $2.77, with local prices varying significantly across different stations.

GasBuddy’s listings for Kansas City highlight this variance, with gas prices ranging from $2.58 to $3.99. A snapshot of local stations reveals the diversity in pricing:

  • Shell at 2200 E Truman Rd. offers regular gas at $2.58, midgrade at $2.79, premium at $2.99, and diesel at $3.98.
  • Flash Petro at 1617 W 75th St. offers regular gas at $2.63, midgrade at $2.93, premium at $3.23, and diesel at $3.99.
  • Casey’s at 7907 N Oak Trafficway offers regular gas at $2.65, midgrade at $2.9, premium at $3.25, and diesel at $3.69.

Given the dynamic nature of gas prices, drivers are advised to stay informed about the latest rates before filling up their tanks. The prices can fluctuate frequently, and being aware of the current trends can help motorists make more cost-effective decisions. Always remember to check the latest prices to ensure the best deal at the pump.

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