RNEA announces scholarship opportunities for graduating seniors in education


Creve Coeur, Missouri – The Rockwood National Education Association (RNEA) is once again opening doors for aspiring educators through its scholarship program in 2024, demonstrating its continued commitment to fostering the next generation of educators. As a beacon for educational excellence and support within the Rockwood School District, RNEA, an affiliate of both the Missouri NEA and the National Education Association, stands as a part of the largest and oldest professional education association in the United States, boasting over 2.7 million members nationwide.

Empowering Future Educators

RNEA is dedicated to empowering graduating seniors with aspirations in the education sector by offering two distinct scholarships. The first is the newly introduced RNEA Member’s Scholarship, tailored specifically for the children of RNEA members, with up to two beneficiaries each year. The second, the RNEA Scholarship, continues its legacy of supporting up to four seniors committed to pursuing careers in education.

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Eligibility for these scholarships hinges on a few critical criteria set forth by RNEA. Applicants are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, embodying the organization’s emphasis on academic excellence. The application process remains uniform across both scholarships, demanding a detailed account of the applicant’s school involvement, community service, leadership roles, a multi-paragraph essay based on a provided prompt, and letters of recommendation from teachers. This comprehensive approach ensures that only the most deserving, well-rounded candidates are considered.

The RNEA Scholarship Review Committee plays a pivotal role in the selection process, evaluating candidates on several key factors:

  • Strong academic performance
  • Proficient communication skills
  • Active involvement in school activities
  • Community service and leadership prowess
  • Positive teacher recommendations

For the RNEA Member’s Scholarship, an additional requirement specifies that applicants must be dependents of RNEA members, though not necessarily students of Rockwood. In contrast, the RNEA Scholarship mandates that applicants be Rockwood students who have gained acceptance or are enrolled in a university education program.

Applications for the RNEA scholarships must be submitted by February 16. You can obtain application forms from the Counseling Office. For additional details, please check the RNEA website.

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