Missouri Department of Conservation issues warning against donation scam


Missouri – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has issued a warning about callers who falsely claim to be officers with the department. These impostors are contacting individuals, attempting to solicit donations through credit card payments.

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The MDC has made it clear through a message on X, formerly known as Twitter, that you should not fall for this scam: “We will never contact you asking for money.” This stark reminder serves to alert the public about the fraudulent nature of these requests, emphasizing the department’s policy against soliciting monetary contributions via phone calls.

For those who believe they might have fallen victim to this scam, the MDC urges immediate action. Victims are encouraged to report their experiences to the Missouri Attorney General’s Office or to their local law enforcement authorities. This step is crucial for combating the scam and preventing further deception.

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To report a complaint about fraud or deception, individuals are encouraged to contact the attorney general’s office by calling 800-392-8222.

Moreover, the MDC has provided information for those genuinely interested in supporting the department’s conservation efforts, guiding potential donors on how to contribute legitimately.

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