Unemployment rates in northern Missouri show minor fluctuations


Missouri – The unemployment rates did not change a lot in the northern Missouri counties. Grundy County reported a rate of 2.8%. This rate represents 114 individuals without employment from a civilian labor force, totaling 4,011. A slight uptick from November’s rate of 2.7%, the December figure underscores the region’s relative economic stability.

Linn County stands out with the highest unemployment rate in December among the surveyed counties, at 3.8%. In contrast, Gentry and Worth counties have the lowest unemployment rates, each at 2.1%.

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Other notable unemployment statistics include Putnam County at 3.2% and Sullivan County closely following at 3.0%. Meanwhile, several counties have achieved rates below 3%: Carroll County at 2.9%, Adair County matches Grundy at 2.8%, and Caldwell and Clinton Counties are at 2.6%. This trend continues with Harrison, Daviess, and DeKalb Counties each recording a 2.5% rate; Mercer County at 2.4%; Chariton at 2.3%; and Livingston County presenting one of the lower rates at 2.2%.

These figures depict generally stable economic conditions across northern Missouri, with most counties maintaining low levels of unemployment.

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