Missouri teenager enters plea deal in Indiana state trooper’s death case


Missouri – The terrible case of Indiana State Trooper Aaron Smith’s death has seen a major development. In connection with the fatal event, 19-year-old Missourian Demareon Curry has entered into a plea agreement. A major step forward in the legal procedure was taken on Tuesday when a court approved the agreement.

Curry was a passenger in a stolen vehicle driven by Eddie Jones, also from Missouri. The vehicle struck and killed Trooper Smith on June 29, 2023, after a high-speed pursuit through Hendricks County. Tragically, the pursuit came to a stop when Jones allegedly struck Smith with the stolen SUV on purpose.

Online jail records state Curry is accused of resisting law enforcement. June is A sentencing hearing for Curry is scheduled for June, where the consequences of his involvement will be determined.

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Eddie Jones, in the meantime, still faces serious serious crimes including murder. Given the seriousness of his suspected acts, prosecutors are seeking life in prison for Jones. His trial is set to begin on October 15, where the full extent of his culpability will be examined.

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