Lara Trump from Michigan: Massive monitoring to prevent election fraud again, thousands to be deployed


Detroit, Michigan – Last year, former President Donald Trump stated that he disregarded the advice of lawyers and his campaign team when they informed him that he had lost the 2020 presidential election. He chose to believe and promote the unfounded theory that the election was rigged. Despite no evidence from even Republican members to support claims of a stolen election, Trump continued to assert that the election was not conducted fairly.

The consequences

Donald Trump is currently facing legal charges related to his attempts to reverse the 2020 election results. In the federal lawsuit, evidence was presented showing that Trump’s own lawyers repeatedly told him he had lost. Despite this, his campaign engaged in numerous legal battles to contest the election defeat, all of which failed due to lack of substantial evidence and were dismissed by the courts. Recently, at a campaign event in North Carolina, Trump claimed that a survey indicated 82% of Americans believe the 2020 election was rigged.

Changing course

Donald Trump has gathered the necessary delegates early in the primary races and is expected to receive the Republican party’s nomination. Following a guilty verdict in New York City, Trump has seen increased support from key figures in the Republican party. The Republicans, alongside Trump’s team, are preparing for the upcoming general election in November. Lara Trump, the co-Chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) and Trump’s daughter-in-law, confirmed this focus and recently emphasized that any attempts at cheating in the election will be rigorously pursued.

“This year is the year we do it,” Lara Trump said at Turning Point USA’s Detroit convention. “We are also sending a loud and clear message out there to anyone who thinks about cheating in an election, we will find you, we will track you down and we will prosecute you to the full extent of the law.”

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Lara Trump and the RNC confirmed a large-scale campaign to deploy thousands of "election integrity" monitors to oversee each phase of the voting process
Voting. Credit: Deposit Photos

Mobilizing thousands of people

Lara Trump, along with other officials from the Republican National Committee (RNC), initiated a large-scale campaign to deploy thousands of “election integrity” monitors to oversee each phase of the voting process. They also established hotlines for poll watchers to report any issues they notice, which could then be legally challenged. According to The Associated Press, this plan raised concerns about the potential harassment of election workers.

“What we need to ensure is integrity in our electoral process,” Lara Trump said at the event hosted in a critical county in Michigan. “We can never go back and repeat 2020, but we can learn the lessons from 2020.”

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Trump said he might not accept the results this year

“If everything’s honest, I’d gladly accept the results,” Trump said in an interview with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in early May during a Wisconsin rally. “If it’s not, you have to fight for the right of the country.”

Trump also told the Journal Sentinel that he anticipates that the state’s 2024 elections will be honest, adding that “a lot of changes have been made over the last few years.” The former president said he would “let it be known” if he thought something was wrong with the election results.

Republican National Committee early preparations

In May, Lara Trump announced that the party is gearing up for nationwide legal confrontations related to what she described as “election integrity” issues. She highlighted the strategic placement of lawyers at major polling sites across the country and emphasized the party’s intention to address any legal issues immediately, rather than delaying action for weeks.

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This proactive approach follows the 2020 election challenges led by Donald Trump, which were dismissed by at least 86 judges, including those appointed by both Democrats and Republicans.

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