Taco Bell in Kansas City introduces one-of-its-kind policy, runs super promotion starting January 16


Kansas City, Missouri – In Kansas City, there’s a Taco Bell that’s a bit different – it’s only got a drive-thru, no place to sit and eat inside. It’s the first of its kind in Missouri.

The person who runs this Taco Bell says it’s all about quick drive-thru service and taking orders from smartphones.

This Taco Bell, which you can find at the corner of 30th and Van Brunt Boulevard, is having its big opening on Tuesday, January 16.

“We are thrilled to launch into the new year by opening the first drive-thru-only Taco Bell in Missouri,” Kara Ramirez, VP of Operations for DRG Kansas City, said in a news release. “This venture not only underscores our commitment to seamless service but also amplifies our connection with the wonderful people here.”

They’ve set up this Taco Bell with two lanes for cars to order, a small indoor area with kiosks to order, and a window for picking up orders late at night that were made on a phone.

To kick things off, they have a special deal. If you order online from this Taco Bell on Uber Eats or DoorDash, and spend over $20, you get $5 off. This deal is only at the 3030 Van Brunt location, and it’s from Tuesday, January 16 to Tuesday, January 23.

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